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Plant Manager+

Brought to you by Nitrogen+Syngas in association with UreaKnowHow.com

Plant Manager+ Series 1-50, as featured in Nitrogen+Syngas magazine, are now available all in the one place, in digital format.

Technical discussions on urea plant issues and operating problems, sharing experiences, providing advice and solutions.

Benefit from the knowledge of the professionals


Contents >>

  • Problem no 1: Foaming in purification and concentration section
  • Problem no 2: High biuret level at low plant loads
  • Problem no 3: Higher vibration in high pressure pipelines
  • Problem no 4: Gaseous ammonia and dust emissions in urea plants
  • Problem no 5: H2SO4 injection in urea melt
  • Problem no 6: Choking of urea fluid bed granulator nozzles
  • Problem no 7: Urea melt pump damage
  • Problem no 8: Urea prilling buckets
  • Problem no 9: Unblocking pipelines after a urea plant shutdown
  • Problem no 10: High CO2 content in liquid outlet of a high pressure CO2 stripper in urea synthesis
  • Problem no 11: How to run high pressure centrifugal pumps in parallel mode
  • Problem no 12: Oil fouling of the high pressure stripper in a urea plant
  • Problem no 13: 3-Way valves in urea melt lines
  • Problem no 14: High synthesis operating pressure
  • Problem no 15: Pressure safety valve experiences
  • Problem no 16: High pressure scrubber problem
  • Problem no 17: Loose liner or overlay welding?
  • Problem no 18: HP stripper passivation air
  • Problem no 19: High pressure pumps – which is better reciprocating or centrifugal?
  • Problem no 20: Unblocking pipelines after a urea plant shutdown (continued)
  • Problem no 21: Vibrations in the discharge line of the HP reciprocating carbamate pump
  • Problem no 22: How to strengthen prilled urea product
  • Problem no 23: CO2 compressor capacity limitation
  • Problem no 24: Why is the minimum urea plant load 60%?
  • Problem no 25: High temperature in top of HP scrubber
  • Problem no 26: How to find a leak in a liner
  • Problem no 27: How do you clean the scraper in a prilling tower?
  • Problem no 28: How to avoid hot prills in the prill tower bottom
  • Problem no 29: Stripper versus decomposer: What is the difference?
  • Problem no 30: What is the best stainless steel for urea?
  • Problem no 31: Insulation of high-pressure flanges in a urea plant
  • Problem no 32: Temperature drop at bottom outlet of HP stripper in a Saipem urea plant
  • Problem no 33: Excessive amount of carbamate solution from recirculation section
  • Problem no 34: Reuse of off-spec waste
  • Problem no 35: Urea plant preservation
  • Problem no 36: Change in colour of urea product
  • Problem no 37: Faulty reactor pressure transmitter
  • Problem no 38: Flares in urea plants
  • Problem no 39: Warehouse curing for urea granules
  • Problem no 40: Medium pressure absorber in Saipem urea plant
  • Problem no 41: Leakage of a high pressure flange connection
  • Problem no 42: Coated urea fertilizers
  • Problem no 43: Increased dust content of urea granules
  • Problem no 44: Rise in HP CO2 stripper outlet temperature
  • Problem no 45: Effect on reactor liner in case of reactor hold up
  • Problem no 46: CO2 cooler failure
  • Problem no 47: Active corrosion during blocking in
  • Problem no 48: Seal systems of high pressure reciprocating pumps
  • Problem no 49: Reverse rotation CO2 compressor
  • Problem no 50: Low vacuum pressure in the second-stage evaporator

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