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May/June 2023 Issue

  • Challenges for gasification technology - Gasification, particularly of waste and biomass, is seeing interest as sustainable sources of syngas. But, there are both technical and commercial challenges to wider adoption.
  • Sustainable fertilizer production - Stamicarbon looks at the ways in which the fertilizer industry must grapple with issues such as decarbonisation, sustainability and more efficient use of nutrients.
  • Nitrogen project listing - Our annual listing of ongoing ammonia, urea, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate projects worldwide.
  • Optimising methanol production - Combining a deep scientific knowledge, engineering and field experience with state-of-the-art technology, Johnson Matthey introduces its next generation of digital simulation tools via its JM-LEVO™ digital portal, to further support customers in achieving their operational and sustainability targets.
  • Converting clean ammonia back into hydrogen - As part of the drive towards reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, ammonia has come to the fore, both as a means of energy storage or transport vector for decarbonised energy system and in a cracked form towards hydrogen as a replacement fuel. This article reports on the current status of ammonia cracking technology from different technology providers - with Casale, Duiker Combustion Engineers, Johnson Matthey, KBR, Proton Ventures and thyssenkrupp Uhde.
  • Improving the lifetime of AN pipe reactors - Pipe reactors in ammonium nitrate plants suffer from short lifetimes due to serious corrosion and erosion issues. A new solution from NobelClad could provide a unique opportunity to address the problems faced by licensors and end-users, by providing higher safety and relaiblity standards, and less downtime and maintenance, leading to an attractive payback time.
  • Modularisation, front and centre - With the market for green ammonia set to grow significantly in the coming years, modularisation of ammonia plants can bring many benefits to new projects, including optimised cost, speed of delivery and reducing overall risks. thyssenkrupp Uhde is commited to further develop standardised, modular solutions for its clients.

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Nitrogen+Syngas provides unrivalled technical and market coverage of synthesis gas and its derivatives – on the nitrogen side, ammonia and downstream products, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and UAN – as well as hydrogen, methanol and gas-, biomass- and coal-to-liquid technologies

Both in print and onlinee, Nitrogen+Syngas is the only publication to provide global coverage of the nitrogen and syngas industries, with unequalled insight into technologies and developments for producers worldwide.

Nitrogen+Syngas is distributed at all key industry conferences and events, emphasising its recognised position as the market’s leading title.

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Latest issue:
May/June 2023

  • Plant Manager+ Problem No. 67: Redrilling liquid holes in the ferrules of a CO2 stripper
  • Challenges for gasification technology
  • Sustainable fertilizer production
  • Optimising methanol production
  • Converting clean ammonia back into hydrogen
  • Improving the lifetime of AN pipe reactors
  • Modularisation, front and centre
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