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November/December 2023 Issue

  • Certification of blue ammonia - While producing ammonia with hydrogen from electrolysis remains expensive, large scale lower carbon ammonia has focused on carbon capture and storage from existing plants, so-called ‘blue’ ammonia. But exactly how green is blue?
  • Constraints on renewable production - With low carbon ammonia and methanol being considered not just for their chemical and fertilizer uses, but as fuels, can we make enough of them to fill our energy needs?
  • Ammonia oxidation catalyst replacement - Hindustan Platinum Private Ltd describes two recent start-up issues with catalyst gauze packs at a nitric acid plant, and their remediation to allow production to continue.
  • Ammonia plant hybridisation - Casale presents different scenarios based on energy availability for the integration of an existing ammonia facility with green hydrogen to supplement or replace the grey ammonia production with green ammonia.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of ammonia plants - With the current focus on decarbonising ammonia production, Johnson Matthey explains the important role of high activity ammonia synthesis catalyst in the production of green ammonia.
  • Pioneering green ammonia – start small, think big - Distributed and carbon-free ammonia production with Stami Green Ammonia technology offers a highly competitive alternative to conventional grey processes, paving the way for scaling up and sustaining local communities with renewable energy sources. 
  • Application of CFD for optimisation of waste heat boilers - Steinmüller Engineering shares its experiences of applying CFD to re-design the waste heat boiler downstream of the secondary reformer to successfully achieve the desired uniform cross flow across the tube bundle. 
  • Enhancing granulation technologies - TOYO has a long history in urea granulation technologies and has recently added two new technologies to its product line-up.
  • Improving nutrient use efficiency with methylene urea - Ballestra is taking a new approach to improving nutrient use efficiency by moving methylene urea production to the fertilizer industry. The technology and benefits of having a slow-release fertilizer that uses a product from within the fertilizer industry are discussed.

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Nitrogen+Syngas provides unrivalled technical and market coverage of synthesis gas and its derivatives – on the nitrogen side, ammonia and downstream products, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and UAN – as well as hydrogen, methanol and gas-, biomass- and coal-to-liquid technologies

Both in print and onlinee, Nitrogen+Syngas is the only publication to provide global coverage of the nitrogen and syngas industries, with unequalled insight into technologies and developments for producers worldwide.

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Latest issue:
November/December 2023

  • Ammonia plant hybridisation
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of ammonia plants
  • Pioneering green ammonia – start small, think big
  • Application of CFD for optimisation of waste heat boilers
  • Enhancing granulation technologies
  • Improving nutrient use efficiency with methylene urea
  • Plant Manager+
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