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BCInsightsearch.com provides easy access to a whole range of essential buying and selling information, including fertilizer products, processes, plant equipment and materials, engineering and construction companies, and features details on more than 1,500 companies from the sulphur, sulphuric acid and fertilizer industries.
Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey offers a full range of catalysts and technology for the production of syngas. Their market leading range of KATALCO catalysts is used in the production of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, substitute natural gas (SNG) and gas to liquids (GTL)
The Sulphur Institute
The Sulphur Institute (TSI) is an international, non-profit organization established in 1960. The Institute is the global advocate for sulphur, representing all stakeholders engaged in producing, buying, selling, handling, transporting, or adding value to sulphur.
UreaKnowHow.com is an independent group of urea specialists with an impressive number of years experience in designing, maintaining and operating urea plants. UreaKnowHow.comís mission is to support, facilitate and promote the exchange of technical information in the urea industry with the target to improve the performance and safety of urea plants.
Potassium Nitrate Association
The mission of the PNA is two-fold: To develop and promote the agronomic and economic advantages of potassium nitrate in appropriate crop production systems throughout the world. To support and represent potassium nitrate producers in relevant industry bodies, and in relevant official government bodies around the world with respect to regulations on potassium nitrate, related to safety (transport, storage), security (misuse, terrorism) and human health.