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Fertilizer International
The magazine for the global fertilizer industry

July/August Issue

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Promote your company and its products and services in the July/August issue of Fertlizer International, online and in print:

  • World-scale nitrogen projects - We highlight the large-scale nitrogen projects that are currently under development across the globe – with a focus on ammonia and urea technology licensors and engineering contractors.
  • Ammonia and sulphur market trends -  Ammonia and sulphur, as essential raw materials, underpin and drive fertilizer production costs. The market for both these commodities is at the crossroads currently. The recent rally in the phosphate market could pull sulphur prices higher, for example, at a time when ammonia supply finally begins to tighten.
  • Innovation showcase - A selection of innovative products and technologies that have recently been brought to market.
  • The rise of vertical farming - Vertical farming enables crops to be grown in in stacked layers within buildings under controlled conditions using artificial light. Its ability to produce crops 365 days a year, without the need for pesticides, while being unaffected by the weather, is spurring uptake in countries as diverse as the UK and UAE.
  • P & K grinding equipment - We profile specialist suppliers of grinding equipment to the phosphates and potash industries.
  • High performance nitrate-based fertilizers - The delivery of nitrogen in nitrate form can deliver superior yields and quality in arable, fruit and vegetable crops. Nitrates fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate and sodium nitrate can be applied to both broad acre and cash crops.

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The leading bi-monthly journal for the global fertilizer industry – analysing worldwide developments, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets.

Fertilizer International is the only publication to cover the entire industry, with a special section dedicated to the phosphates and potash industries.

Both in print and online, Fertilizer International provides readers with project reports, trade analysis, production and consumption data, logistics patterns, technological developments and regular overviews of agronomic issues, making it essential reading for industry professionals worldwide.

Fertilizer International enjoys a high-calibre worldwide readership among industry decision-makers, leading sector analysts and production technology experts.

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Latest issue:
May/June 2021

  • Fertilizer financial scorecard
  • Sulphuric acid projects and technology
  • Successful fertilizer plant start up
  • Essential magnesium: fertilizer sources
  • The agronomic advantages of POLY4
  • The latest filtration technology
  • Tailings filtration: Looking upstream to optimise the filter
  • Phosphogypsum in a circular economy
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