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November/December 2021 

  • Better nitrogen use - Improvements to nutrient use efficiency (NUE), particularly for nitrogen, can deliver dual environmental and economic benefits - ICL Speciality Fertilizers, Pursell Agri-Tech, Stamicarbon
  • Fertilizer finishing: last but not least - New innovations and the latest equipment options are helping to perfect the fertilizer process - Casale, Eirich, FEECO International, GPIC, thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology
  • Evaluating the performance of granulation aids - The consistency and integrity of fertilizer granules are key when producing a high-quality product for crop nutrition - Arkema-ArrMaz
  • Enhanced efficiency fertilizers for sustainable agriculture - Conventional fertilizers can be transformed into enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) using coating agents and inhibitors - Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem Ltd
  • CRU Sustainble Fertilizer Production Technology Forum - More than 230 delegates from 45 countries participated in CRU's Sustainable Fertilizer Production Technology Forum, 20-23 September 2021
  • Optimising potato crop nutrient management during droughts - Nutrient management can reduce potato yield losses during lengthy dry spells and make better use of the available water - K+S Minerals & Agriculture GmbH

  • Potato nutrition re-imagined - In potato growing, yield, quality and profiability need to be balanced against the need to reduce environmental impacts - Levity Crop Science

  • Fertilizing potatoes with Polysulphate - The mix of nutrients and unique characteristics of Polysulphate make it especially suitable for potato crops - ICL Innovative Ag Solutions (IAS)

  • European Mineral Fertilizer Summit 2021 - ACI will convene the 5th European Mineral Fertilizer Summit in London on 1-2 December 2021

  • Potash project listing 2021 - Our global round-up of current potash projects - BHP, Acron Group, Veolia

  • Feed phosphates report - The feed phosphates industry is caught between conflicting trends currently - IHS Markit

  • New policy approaches to food security and soil health - The EU and Russia are introducing regulations designed to safeguard the environment and human health - PhosAgro

Plus our regular market insight and industry news, all in the November/December issue of Fertlizer International, in print and online.



The leading bi-monthly journal for the global fertilizer industry – analysing worldwide developments, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets.

Fertilizer International is the only publication to cover the entire industry, with a special section dedicated to the phosphates and potash industries.

Both in print and online, Fertilizer International provides readers with project reports, trade analysis, production and consumption data, logistics patterns, technological developments and regular overviews of agronomic issues, making it essential reading for industry professionals worldwide.

Fertilizer International enjoys a high-calibre worldwide readership among industry decision-makers, leading sector analysts and production technology experts.

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Latest issue:
November/December 2021

  • Better nitrogen use
  • Fertilizer finishing: last but not least
  • Evaluating the performance of granulation aids
  • Enhanced efficiency fertilizers for sustainable agriculture
  • Optimising potato crop nutrient management during droughts
  • Potato nutrition re-imagined
  • Fertilizing potatoes with Polysulphate: the natural multi-nutrient fertilizer
  • Feed phosphates report
  • New policy approaches to food security and soil health
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