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September/October 2023 Issue

  • Fuel uses for syngas derivatives - Low carbon production is attracting considerable attention to using syngas derivatives as fuels, but there are considerable logistical and commercial barriers to overcome.
  • Africa fertilizer update - Prior to the Covid pandemic, sub-Saharan Africa had been the fastest growing market for new fertilizer demand. However, the combination of pandemic related disruption, followed by the dislocations caused by the war in Ukraine, have pushed up prices and led to falling demand across the continent.
  • Ammonia Safety Symposium - Venkat Pattabathula, a member of the AIChE Ammonia Safety Committee, reports on the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium, held in Munich, Germany, from 20-24 August 2023.
  • Incentives for green production - The US Inflation Reduction Act has been a major step in terms of incentivising green syngas production, and has encouraged other governments to look at their own regulatory regimes.
  • Can SAF really help the sector transition to net zero? - An interview with Paul Ticehurst of Johnson Matthey to shed some light on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and the future role of syngas in aviation.
  • Optimise fertilizer production by plant digitalisation - Kathrin Rodermund, Jahannes Dammeier, Johannes Franz and Sascha Wenzel of thyssenkrupp Uhde discusses how plant digitalisation can contribute to increase the profitability of chemical plants by optimising performance of operation as well as maintenance. Available digital products range from visualisation of plant data for increased transparency to closed-loop AI controllers based on digital twins.
  • A digital twin across the plant lifecycle - TOYO’s digital twin concept combines its unique digital twin at both the project execution stage and the commissioning stage, and when used in conjunction with its proprietary process simulator it can predict the whole plant lifecycle. 
  • Digital tools reshaping urea plant operations - Achieving a sustainable increase in plant load and operational margins through improved operations is a demanding task. Luc Dieltjens and Ali El Sibai from Stamicarbon discusses how plants can effectively address these challenges with digital tools. 
  • Efficient and proven ammonia cracking at scale - Topsoe shares its experience within ammonia cracking and presents an improved and highly energy-efficient ammonia cracking technology, H2Retake™, developed based on Topsoe’s proven technology and industrial experience.
  • A climate silver bullet - Blue hydrogen has a vital role to play in energy transition and is needed in the short and medium term. BASF’s OASE technologies for CO2 capture are capable of 99.99% carbon capture. This article investigates potential process options to convert hydrogen facilities from grey to blue - with Elena Petriaeva and Bernhard Geis of BASF.

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Nitrogen+Syngas provides unrivalled technical and market coverage of synthesis gas and its derivatives – on the nitrogen side, ammonia and downstream products, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and UAN – as well as hydrogen, methanol and gas-, biomass- and coal-to-liquid technologies

Both in print and onlinee, Nitrogen+Syngas is the only publication to provide global coverage of the nitrogen and syngas industries, with unequalled insight into technologies and developments for producers worldwide.

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Latest issue:
September/October 2023

  • Can SAF really help the sector transition to net zero?
  • Optimise fertilizer production by plant digitalisation
  • A digital twin across the plant lifecycle
  • Efficient and proven ammonia cracking at scale
  • A climate silver bullet
  • Digital tools reshaping urea plant operations
  • Plant Manager+
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